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Information Sites

Ultima Online - The official site for UO and still one of the most valuable for game information. If you are playing UO at all, don't forget to check the update site for recent news and pending changes to the world.  If you want to be heard, the official UO Boards are one of the few remaining places OSI employees look at.

UO Stratics - A must for new and experienced players. A ton of information, help, maps, files, stats, forums, and other resources all dedicated to UO. If you are new or unsure about certain elements of game play, chances are you'll find the answer here.

Crossroads of Britannia - Another useful site for general player information. In addition, the message boards found here are very active and often read by OSI employees.

UO Vault - Even more information about UO with some additional topic discussion boards. This is a good compilation of facts, figures, and other links to some complimentary sites.

Humor Sites

Bones' UO Comics - An excellent repository for UO humor. A little irreverent at times, many of these comics will strike a chord with long-time players. In addition, there are links to useful utilities and other sites.

Tryon's ImaNewbie Does Britannia - He's been a lover, a fighter, and a friend to many. Yet somehow he manages to find himself on the short end of every situation. Stop by and see the guy who made the phrase "U Suck!" a rally cry for all the oppressed souls in Britannia.

Great Bob Comics - To put it in his own words... "Hand-drawn by drunken angry ferrets." Cutting edge stuff here by a contributor to Lum the Mad's site.

UO Disorder - UO comics from Pac-man and Storm.

PvP - An excellent hand-drawn comics series by the author of Samwise. Not overtly UO related, this stuff is WAAAAAYYYY better than most of the syndicated garbage you get in the Sunday paper.

Killed on Sight - The brief, sad saga of The Dread Lord Moervan, Master Role-player.

B0N3D00D and pLaTeDeWd - Follows the exploits (no pun intended) of two wacky PKs with a, hmm... shall we say, unique perspective of living (and dying) in UO. Always up for a challenge, they even took a stab (ok, puns intended) at life as a GL. Check 'em out!

Another Mad Tower - Hand-drawn comics centered around "just another tower" on the Atlantic shard. Stop on by and see if Ra and his friends are home. Watch out for Isobel though. I hear she doesn't always play fair.

Out of Character - Based on characters found in the Yew area of the Great Lakes shard. This nicely done site has hand-drawn comics where even the daemons look soft and cuddly. Awwww... Don't you just want to give 'em all a big hug?

Good Honest Comics - Straight talk from the Honest Arctic Mages. Unfortunately the MageLord Roberto and his friends may find it difficult to remain honest in a dishonest world.

Zeromus' UO Toons - Follow along as Zeromus and his friends face the many challenges UO has to offer.

Warped Akalabeth - Humor mixed with actual characters and events experienced by the Lost Order Of Akalabeth, a guild found on the Atlantic shard, and immortalized in hand-drawn comic strips.

Britannian's Guild to Kewl Doodery - Survival guild for RolePlayers. Provides critical information for dealing with "doods."

Quickman's Ultima Online Comics - Check out the continuing adventures of D'Gnath and Nil.

A Little Bit of Everything - Comics that are a little bit different.

Ultimately Overboard Comics - UO comics with plenty of characters, GMs, counselors, and oh.. don't forget the funk masta.

Razoric's UO Comics - The adventures of Razoric. No new comics will be created, however you can find the archives here.

Other Sites of Interest

Lum the Mad - Cutting commentary on the current state of UO.

UO Access Siege Perilous - News and event information for Siege Perilous. Also home to the Safe Haven guild on Siege Perilous.

UO.Tradespot - You just can't get enough information about UO.

The Black Hand of Vesper - Really nice guild site that enlists the creative use of Shockwave technology. This site is a must see! If you haven't already installed the Macromedia Shockwave plug-in, get it first.

Bloodrock Orc Clan - The orcs are getting organized on the Sonoma shard. Beware! You'll find history and other info regarding the orc clan as well as a chance to join in the mayhem!

LaWizard's ChatZone - umm... it's a chatzone... for Ultima Online topics...

Battle Vortex Underground - Real Audio shows and additional information centered around UO.

BuZz's AnD CrAsHeR's HomE SweeT HoME - Several Real Audio installments to keep you entertained.

The Adventures of Santiago - Stories, journal entries, and other UO related info from the swashbuckling, seafaring Santiago. An obvious fan of the Monkey Island series, I go for the music.

Shadows Gate for Ultima Online - Quotes, a message board, and vendor and guild information highlight this site brimming with UO information.

Did I miss any? If you know a link to another UO-related site that is worthy to reside in league with the great sites already listed here, let me know. Please note that I reserve the right to decline if I find the subject matter too offensive or not within the spirit of this site. Also, I don't vouch for the content of other sites I may list here.

Rule of thumb for information sites: If it doesn't work for you, chances are it may no longer be true.
Rule of thumb for humor sites: If it doesn't make you laugh, chances are it wasn't funny to begin with.